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Managing Your Subscription

Owners only

If you’re the Owner of the account, you can manage your subscription at any time by clicking on Plan&Billing in the User Menu.

From here you can manage your Invoicing details, Subscription renewal and Plan size.

Adding billing details

Set your billing details before purchasing from the Invoicing details section. You’ll always be able to manage your billing details anytime.

For EU users: insert the VAT code (if you are representing a company) to let Timeneye calculate your VAT exemption.

Make sure to enter you credit card details, too.

Upgrading/Downgrading your plan

You can change your plan anytime by clicking on the Change plan button – make sure to select your plan during you trial period so you’ll be able to continue using Timeneye with no interruptions (your plan will only start at the end of the trial period, letting you enjoying the remaining days of the trial period).

After upgrading your plan, the system will automatically change the remaining days in your subscription by calculating the pricing scheme for your new plan.

Select whether you'd like to be billed monthly or annually, and then click on Start subscription. From that moment on , you'll be charged automatically.

You can select different renewal option from your plan by clicking on the Renew button in the Subscription section.

Pausing a subscription

If you want to temporarily stop paying for Timeneye but don't want to delete the account, you can temporarily cancel your subscription.

Canceling a subscription does not mean deleting the workspace. Deleting is a completely different procedure, please see the "Deleting the account" page of this guide.