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Managing Billable entries

You can mark your hours as billed/billable in several ways in Timeneye.

Firstly, you can do it from the Entries list, located in the top bar next to the Register time button.
In the Entries list, click on the Show filters button and you'll be able to sort out your entries according to the filters until you get to the entries you need.

Alternatively, you can manage your billable hours for a specific project directly from the Project Status view, or from a Project report: click on the number of hours in the "Budget" section and then click on Billable Hours:

  1. Select the filters. You should see the checkbox appear next to the entries;
  2. Start selecting the entries: you should a light blue section appear on the left. Here there'a Billed flag ;
  3. When you're done selecting the entries, click on Billed from the drop-down menu.

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Managing Billable entries

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