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Deleting your Timeneye account

Love stories sometimes end, and if you came looking for this article it means that you’re about to say goodbye to Timeneye. We’re sad to see you leave, but we understand that Timeneye might not be the perfect fit for everyone, so there are no hard feelings on our part. :)

IMPORTANT NOTE before we go on:

This procedure permanently deletes the whole account and data. So if you’re the owner of the account, everything will be deleted including your team members’ data.

If you simply want to be removed from your team, contact you account Owner and ask him to deactivate your user

You can cancel your Timeneye account at any time by following a few simple steps.

Let's talk!

Is a bug or a missing feature making you leave? Try writing us at support@timeneye.com before canceling your account: we might be able to help you!

How to cancel the account:

1) Login into your Timeneye account;

2) Go to Account settings;

3) Access the EXPORT/DELETE tab;

4) Type ‘DELETE’ and hit Confirm.

It is also possible to export the account and data by selecting EXPORT from the same view before deleting.

Deleting your Timeneye account